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Laugh. Cringe. Repeat.

As Seen on TODAY with Megyn Kelly, TMZ, CNN, and NY Post... Laugh, cringe, repeat. Broken Bananah is my completely true and overly honest journey through severe genital trauma. What happens when you lose something you love? And... can you really break a penis? Absolutely, and mine was one of the worst on file. Tethered to a catheter and surrounded by that’s-what-she-said jokes, I learned one of life’s greatest lessons: it can always be worse. Experience life and love without a penis in a recovery story that could only happen in New York City. Let’s laugh til we cry, dive into the weird, and grapple with the power of sex in this modern coming-of-something tale.


“I was totally engaged in the story. It wasn’t so much the incident itself but the authenticity of your narrative. I loved that you share your opinions, insecurities, worries, and doubts. Plus when would I, as a 71 year old woman, ever have an opportunity to be in a guy’s shoes when he’s hooking up with an old girlfriend!”
                                                                                                           - Sue


If 50 Shades of Grey was a comedy, it'd be this book.

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ROSS ASDOURIAN has been writing comedy, narrative, and email for 15 years. He is a former producer for Red Bull Media House and NBC. Over the past three years, his documentary work has garnered over 24MM views and been honored at Tribeca Film Festival. He has been doing improv comedy for 10 years in Florida and Seattle. On the side, he is an advisor for VR conference in NYC and volunteers with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society -- raising over $700k in 8 years through an annual family event in Seattle.

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